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Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

National Kabaddi Player Rohit Chillar’s Wife Mamta Commits Suicide , Leaves Video

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kabaddi-players-wife_650x400_51476850215NEW DELHI : The 27-year-old wife of a national Kabbadi champion hanged herself in her home in Delhi, leaving a two-hour long audio message and a note in which she wrote: “I’m not strong enough to survive this, I have decided to quit.”

Lalita, the wife of pro-Kabaddi league player Rohit Chillar, was found hanging by a dupatta by her father on Monday evening in the apartment in west Delhi where she lived alone.

The police say she recorded a two-hour audio message for her husband and a shorter one for her family. She alleges in them that she was tortured for dowry, taunted and beaten by her husband and his family.

Lalita married Rohit, who represents the team “Bengaluru Bulls”, in March. This was her second marriage.The police say Rohit is in Mumbai. The 26-year-old kabaddi player joined the Navy in 2009 and was posted there.

Lalita reportedly said in her suicide note that she was forced to stay alone while her husband remained out of Delhi frequently.Last weekend, Rohit allegedly told her to leave him alone.

“Lalita said in the note that she was asked by her husband to leave him for his happiness, so she took this step,” senior police officer Vijay Kumar said.The couple met when Lalita was in college.

Her family believes she was depressed because she had suffered dowry harassment in her first marriage too.

“My daughter complained to us several times but said Papa, for the sake of the society and our family, please don’t go to the police,” said Lalita’s father.The police are yet to question Rohit. His parents, who lived separately, are reportedly missing.ndtv.


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