Cong Menifesto-2024: Focusing Caste census, jobs, cash transfers for women & media freedom

NEW DELHI : Congress has assured to restore the confidence of voters in the election process. He said that he would amend election laws to combine the efficiency of EVMs and transparency of ballot paper.
It has been said that voting will be done through EVM. But the voter will be able to keep and deposit the machine generated voting slip in the VVPAT unit, Electronic vote tally will be matched with VVPAT slip tally.
The party rejects the idea of ‘One Nation One Election’ and the Congress promises that elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies will be held whenever scheduled in accordance with the Constitution and the traditions of parliamentary democracy. The Congress party has also promised to amend the 10th Schedule. Under this, membership of the Assembly or Parliament will automatically cease on defection. Police and central agencies will work strictly as per law. Every matter will be brought under the supervision of Parliament or State Legislatures.

Congress has assured  that the police, investigation and intelligence agencies will work strictly as per the law. The unbridled powers they currently exercise will be curtailed. Congress promises to restore freedom of speech and expression, including complete freedom of the media. Congress promises to end arbitrary and indiscriminate suspension of the Internet.
The manifesto talks about 1 lakh jobs annually and 30 lakh jobs for women. In its manifesto, Congress said that after completing the degree, 25 year old youth will be given Rs 1 lakh per year as apprentice for one year’s training. Many promises have also been made in the manifesto, including 30 lakh jobs in the central government, stopping misuse of investigating agencies and ending PMLA.
Congress’ Nyay Patra has said that if Congress government comes to power at the Centre, then 30 lakh vacant posts will be recruited. Women from poor families will be given Rs 1 lakh annually. Caste census will be conducted, law will be made on MSP. In the manifesto, MNREGA wage of Rs 400, stopping misuse of investigative agencies and changes in PMLA law have been announced. It has also been said that the recommendations of the Sachar Committee will be implemented.
On the occasion of the Congress Manifesto 2024 released for the Lok Sabha elections on Friday, Rahul Gandhi said that this election is an election to save democracy and the Constitution. On one side there is NDA and Prime Minister Modi who are attacking the Constitution and democracy and on the other side there is INDIA alliance which protects the Constitution and democracy.
Commenting on the manifesto, Congress President Kharge said that our manifesto will be remembered as a ‘document of justice’ in the political history of the country. The Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, led by Rahul Gandhi, focused on five pillars. Youth Justice, Farmer Justice, Women Justice, Labor Justice and Hisdari Justice were announced during the yatra. We had talked about this justice everywhere. There are 25 guarantees included in these 5 Nyayas, which will benefit every section of the society.
The manifesto focused on ‘five pillars of justice’ and promised 25 “guarantees”. The manifesto was released by party chief Mallikarjun Kharge and former party presidents Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The manifesto released by the country’s oldest party includes some bold promises like caste census, increasing the limit of reservation, inclusion of all classes in EWS reservation.
Congress has talked about 25 guarantees in the manifesto, including ending the Agneepath scheme, loan waiver for farmers and promise of jobs. The party’s election manifesto focuses on the ‘Five Nyaya’ or five pillars of justice, which include ‘Youth Justice’, ‘Women’s Justice’, ‘Farmer Justice’, ‘Worker Justice’ and ‘Participatory Justice’ as well as the Guarantee is also included.
The party has said that if it comes to power, it will give a pension of Rs 1,000 per month to senior citizens, disabled people and widows. The country’s oldest party has promised to fill 30 lakh vacant posts in the central government. In its 48-page manifesto, the party announced 5 justices and 25 guarantees. The party’s manifesto mentions increasing wages to Rs 400 a day, giving Rs 1 lakh a year to women from poor families, making a law on MSP and conducting caste census.
Congress has focused on youth, women, laborers and farmers in its manifesto. He has given assurance of taking different types of schemes for all these sections. The party has said that its manifesto is based on work, wealth and welfare. Here work means employment, wealth means income and welfare means providing benefits of government schemes. The Congress party in its manifesto has promised to give concessions to the elderly in railways. After Corona, the central government has almost abolished it.
Scheme for free treatment up to Rs 25 lakh for the entire country (although in Rajasthan Rahul Gandhi had announced free treatment up to Rs 50 lakh, after which Congress lost there). 4 percent of the total budget for health, this will be possible by 2028-29. Central investigation agencies will be controlled.
They will be brought under the supervision of Parliament or State Legislatures, as the case may be. Congress will amend the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution to make defection (except from the original party from which the MLA or MP was elected) an automatic disqualification from membership of the Assembly or Parliament.

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