Congress got angry when Prashant Kishor advised Rahul Gandhi to step back

NEW DELHI : The Congress party dismissed election strategist Prashant Kishor saying there was no need for any reaction to the ‘comments of consultants’. Prashant Kishor, in an interview with news agency PTI, had given a checklist for the Congress and its senior leader Rahul Gandhi, which also included the advice that if the party does not perform well, then they should part ways.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said, “I don’t respond to advisors’ comments. Talk about political people, what is there to respond to advisors?” In a conversation with the news agency, Prashant Kishor while commenting on Rahul Gandhi had said that ‘Rahul has been running the party for a decade but has been unable to deliver results or even stay away from the party’.
The election strategist, who is considered a strong critic of Congress, said that ‘Rahul Gandhi’s way of running the show is also undemocratic. Prashant Kishore had made a strategy for the victory of Congress under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh in Punjab in 2017. A few years ago, he had also gone to the Congress high command with a presentation for the revival of the Congress, but he distanced himself from it after disagreement among the party leaders regarding its completion.
On Sunday (April 7), Prashant Kishore had said about Rahul Gandhi that he needs a person who will do the work which is right according to him. In such a situation, my advice is that they should take a break now. When you have been doing the same thing for 10 years and are not succeeding then there is no harm in taking a break. He had said that Rahul Gandhi is running the party for his core agenda.
Mr Kishore had said, “When you have been doing the same thing for the last 10 years without any success, there is no harm in taking a break.” Pointing to that time, he said, “You should have let someone else do this job for five years. Your mother did that.”
The election strategist, often seen as a harsh critic of the Congress, said Mr Gandhi’s practice of running the show was “even anti-democratic”. Congress is in crisis after a decade of UPA rule. The party’s seats, national voteshare and state presence and strength are declining rapidly.
Prashant Kishore also mentioned the decision of Sonia Gandhi in 1991 which she took after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. At that time she herself (Sonia Gandhi) had decided to stay away from politics and make PV Narasimha Rao the Prime Minister of the country in the year 1991.  Kishore had also said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi thinks he knows everything. If they feel that way then you don’t need help. No one can help you in this situation.
After his victory in Karnataka last year, Mr Kishor had advised the Congress to “not mistake the Assembly election results for what is going to happen in the Lok Sabha elections”. Mr Kishor formally ended his career as an election strategist after the Bengal Assembly elections in 2021, in which his client Mamata Banerjee achieved her best performance.

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