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Published On: Sat, Apr 28th, 2018

Medal of bravery for RPF constable who saved woman from being raped in train

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25THSIVAJIRPF-1NEW DELHI : Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday approved a cash reward of ₹ 1 Lakh and a bravery medal for the Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable who rescued a woman from the clutches of a man who was trying to rape her on a moving train in Chennai, officials said.
RPF constable K Shivaji was on night patrol on the train with his two colleagues on April 23, when he heard screams for help coming from the adjacent coach.
As soon as the train slowed down, Shivaji jumped out of his coach and entered the other bogie where he saw the man was allegedly attempting to rape a young woman, according to a Southern Railways’ communication sent to the ministry.
The constable immediately overpowered the man and rescued the woman, who was found unconscious with her lips bleeding and clothes torn, it said. Railway Minister Goyal, who has declared 2018 as women’s safety year, upon receiving an internal recommendation approved the award for the brave constable, since it highlighted the national carrier’s commitment to the security of women.

“The very act of taking on the assailant single handedly without minding his own safety speaks volumes of his dedication and commitment to women security and thereby set an example before others and bolstered the image of Railways in general and the RPF in particular.
“K Shivaji of Southern Railway has rescued a lady without caring for his life from the clutches of the criminal who was attempting rape on her and saved her life. He may be considered for grant of MR (Ministry of Railways) Medal for Bravery, treating it an exceptional case other than the yearly nominations which are called for above medal,” said a file noting recommending his name.pti.


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