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Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Haryana Woman Cut Her Husband Into Eight Pieces, Jailed For 30 Years

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prisoner-in-prison_c6b80d50-cf74-11e7-ac2e-6fc61cbabe91CHANDIGRAH : A court in Jhajjar town in Haryana has sentenced a woman to 30 years imprisonment for brutally murdering her husband by cutting him into eight pieces.
Additional Sessions Judge H.S. Dahiya sentenced Puja for murdering Baljeet, 38, in April last year in Asanda village in Jhajjar district, court sources said on Wednesday. The court, however, acquitted four other people named in the case, saying only Puja was responsible for the brutal killing.
Police investigations revealed that the woman murdered her husband as she had an extra-marital affair with another man and wanted to get rid of her husband. Baljeet’s brother Kuljeet had complained to the police on April 26 last year that his brother had gone missing.
The brother claimed that he and his sisters had gone to their brother’s house and his wife (Puja) did not give satisfactory replies on his whereabouts. His sisters felt some foul smell from another room. On checking, they found the smell coming from a suitcase.

On opening it, they recovered the headless body of their brother. Later, they found that Puja had cut Baljeet into eight pieces and had hidden them at different places in the house. Baljeet’s head was buried by digging the floor of the house.

The court on Tuesday held Puja guilty of brutally murdering Baljeet and sentenced her to 30 years imprisonment. Jhajjar town is around 55 km from Delhi and 285 km from Chandigarh.
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