State BJP’s unique campaign for Modi shakes up its Bengal rivals

modi-18KOLKATA: While success of Narendra Modi’s Brigade Parade Ground rally on 5th next month here leaves no room for speculation, but it keeps everyone guessing about rise in voting percentage Modi’s success will fetch the party in West Bengal in coming LS polls.
The state BJP leadership has become in real sense innovative in their campaigns for crowd pulling for Modi’s success and state party’s “intellectual acumen and sharpness’’ over its major political rivals – Trinamool Congress, CPI(M) and Congress!
And when today the state party leaders organized a market for all essential commodities with a price tag of Atal Behari Vajpayee-led NDA rule, it flattened its rivals: “Bring Narendra Modi as prime minister and get all essential commodities at Vajpayee price tag,’’ was the slogan. And bazaar was organized at Esplanade, a busiest thoroughfare, in Kolkata.
Speaking to this reporter, a senior state party leader said: “People are angry and fed up with hurtling inflation, and that is the reason why they have come to our shop in large numbers to buy pulses, rice and vegetables. But we aren’t fooling people, it’s a real promise. Let them elect Modi as prime minister and see its effect on price roll backs.’’
The major rivals, who tried to ignore state BJP’s unique campaign today however felt the pinch, especially the Congress and Trinamool Congress which could not despite raids on hoarders and vendors, bring down the price to a comfortable level.
But Mamata has already passed on the buck on Congress-led UPA II’s policies, though it may not always convince the common man, but the state Congress stands to lose from both ends and CPI(M) remained exposed as failed opposition both in Delhi and in Bengal!

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