Rahul Pens Heartfelt love Letter For Wayanad- “When I was facing abuse, your love protected me

NEW DELHI: After the Congress announced Priyanka Gandhi to contest the Wayanad by-election, Congress leader and former Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi on Sunday wrote an Heartfelt love letter addressing the people of Wayanad constituency. Rahul Gandhi represented from 2019-2024.

In the letter, he expressed gratitude to the people of Wayanad for their “unconditional love and affection”, Rahul Gandhi said, “I met you five years ago. The first time I came to meet you I came to seek your support. I was a stranger to you and yet you believed in me.” He said, “When I was facing abuse day after day, your unconditional love protected me. You were my refuge, my home and my family.”
He said, “It doesn’t matter which political party you supported, it doesn’t matter which community you belonged to or which religion you followed or which language you spoke”. He thanked the people of Wayanad for their love and support and called them his home and family. He also mentioned that he has assured them that he will always be there for them.
Rahul Gandhi had to decide between two seats as he had contested and won from both Rae Bareli and Wayanad. Addressing the people of Wayanad as sisters and brothers, Rahul Gandhi expressed his sadness that he had to decide to leave the Wayanad seat. But he is consoled by the fact that his sister Priyanka Gandhi will contest the by-election from Wayanad.
He recalled how he had visited Wayanad five years ago when the BJP snatched away Congress’ stronghold Amethi. He assured the people of Wayanad that Priyanka Gandhi will do a “great job” if she wins the election. Rahul further wrote- “It is indeed a matter of joy and honour to be your voice in Parliament. I am sad, but I am comforted because my sister Priyanka will be there to represent you.

I am confident that if you decide to give her a chance, she will do a wonderful job as your MP.” Referring to his decision to retain the Rae Bareli seat, he said- “I am also comforted because I have a loving family in the people of Rae Bareli and a bond that I cherish very much. My main commitment to you and the people of Rae Bareli is that we will fight and defeat the hatred and violence that is being spread in the country.” Recalling the support he received as Wayanad MP, Rahul Gandhi wrote: “When I faced abuse day after day, your unconditional love protected me. You were my refuge, my home and my family. Not for a moment did I feel that you doubted me.
I will never forget what I saw during the floods. Family after family lost everything. Lives, property, friends and yet none of you, not even the youngest child, lost your dignity.” “I will always remember the countless flowers and hugs you showered on me. Each one given with such genuine love and tenderness. How can I forget beauty and confidence with which young girls translated my speeches in front of thousands of people,” the letter reads.
At the end of the letter, Rahul Gandhi thanked the people of Wayanad for trusting him and said “I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for me. For the love and protection that you gave me when I needed it the most. You are part of my family and I will always be there for each one of you. While contesting from Rae Bareli, Sonia Gandhi had also written an emotional letter to the people there and expressed gratitude saying that I am handing over my son (Rahul Gandhi) to you, please take care of him…
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi resigned from the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat last week (June 18), while retaining the Rae Bareli constituency of Uttar Pradesh. This seat was earlier represented by his mother and senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi.
Recently, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge had announced in the presence of Rahul Gandhi that the Congress has decided to field Priyanka Gandhi from Wayanad from the Wayanad seat vacated by Rahul Gandhi’s resignation. Rahul Gandhi has won the Wayanad seat twice in a row.
Mr Gandhi asserted that he was “consoled by the fact that my sister Priyanka will be there to represent you,” adding, “I am confident that she will do a wonderful job as your MP if you decide to give her the opportunity. If Priyanka Gandhi is elected from Wayanad, it will be the first time that all three members of the Gandhi family – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi – will be in Parliament together. Sonia Gandhi is a member of the Rajya Sabha.

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