Fearing defeat in Banaras, Modi wanted to contest from Ayodhya..

India Election 2024: What you need to know about Narendra ModiNEW DELHI :  Was Prime Minister Narendra Modi apprehensive about winning the election from Banaras..? Was Modi apprehensive about winning the election due to discontent and resentment against him among his managers and workers in Banaras..? It is said that along with Intelligence Bureau (IB).
Even local agencies had also expressed apprehensions about the Prime Minister’s victory in various ways in their several reports. Fearing this unfortunate incident, Modi was also thinking of contesting the election from Faizabad (Ayodhya)…? These are some questions whose answers are yet to come… However, Rahul Gandhi has revealed it.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to contest the Lok Sabha election from Ayodhya, but BJP’s internal surveyors had advised him not to do so. Addressing party workers in Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Modi’s home state Gujarat, Rahul said that Congress will defeat BJP in its stronghold, as “we have defeated it in Ayodhya.” The Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha said, “Prime Minister Modi wanted to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Ayodhya, but his surveyors said he would lose and his political career would be over.” “Modi said he has a direct connection with God, then why did the BJP lose in Ayodhya in the Lok Sabha elections,” Rahul Gandhi said, referring to a statement made by the Prime Minister in an interview.
The BJP was defeated by Samajwadi Party’s Awadhesh Prasad in the Faizabad constituency, where the Ram temple in Ayodhya is located. The BJP’s defeat comes just four months after Prime Minister Modi led the pran pratishtha ceremony of the new idol of Ram Lalla in a grand ceremony and won the seat by a narrow margin. The Congress leader also listed three reasons behind the BJP’s defeat in the constituency and said people were angry with the BJP government for not getting compensation for the land acquired for the construction of the Ram temple. Rahul said that Prime Minister Modi has a direct connection with God … then why did the BJP lose in Ayodhya in the Lok Sabha elections? The Congress leader said that his party will snatch Gujarat from the BJP and make a ‘new beginning’ from the western state.
However, PM Modi contested from Varanasi and won the election by a narrow margin. This margin was less than half the votes Rahul Gandhi got in Rae Bareli. Modi won the election by a margin of 1,52,513. According to the Election Commission data, PM Modi has won the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections by a margin of 1,52,513. This victory margin has reduced significantly compared to the 2019 and 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi won by a margin of 4,79,505 votes (45.2%).
In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he won by a margin of 3,71,784 votes (36.14%).
Rae Bareli This was much less than the 6,87,649 votes received by Rahul Gandhi in 2014. While his rival Dinesh Pratap Singh of BJP had to be content with just 2,97,619. Modi’s victory by a small margin is like a blow to Brand Modi. This time Modi had set a target of winning the election by six lakh votes. But Ajay Rai of Congress foiled his plans. Rahul said – take it in writing that Congress will contest the election in Gujarat and will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat, just like we did in Ayodhya.

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