Ignoring symptoms ,carelessness are major causes of heart attack & stroke: Dr Aggrawal.

NEW DELHI: Rapidly changing lifestyle, increasing age, increasing population, and ignoring symptoms along with negligence are the major causes of heart attack and stroke. According to the country’s leading cardiologist Dr. Prem Agarwal, if these trends continue, this disease will continue to increase.
According to Dr Onkar Mittal, a well-known doctor of community medicine -The Indians are found to be more vulnerable to coronary artery heart disease and morbidity and mortality related to it. In other words the Indian ness as such is a risk factor for heart disease. Therefore we need more stringent targets for preventive action.India has one of the largest populations of diabetics (over 32 million) and is projected to increase to 57.2 million by 2025.

Dr.Agarwal, said the increasing burden of CHD in India can be explained by the alarming increase in the prevalence of coronary risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, atherogenic dyslipidemia, smoking, central obesity and physical inactivity. The burden of coronary risk factors in India has increased due to rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes in the last two decades.
Dr. Agarwal told the epidemic of coronary artery disease is on the rise in India – especially in urban India. Unfortunately, heart disease in India is more aggressive and is associated with a higher incidence of morbidity and even death.
About 25% of people suffering from heart disease in India are below the age of 40 and about 50% of people dying due to heart attack are below the age of 50. Dr. Agarwal gave this information while launching this “Chest Pain Helpline” on “Doctor’s Day” (1st July) at the “Press Club of India” in the capital. He also shared the recent preventive recommendations by the Lipid Association of India (LAI). Also, a large number of journalists and their family members participated in a health check-up camp organized by the doctors of Sanjivan Hospital for the press fraternity.
Mr Gautam Lahiri, President of Press Club of India (PCI) told Newstrack24x7.com that 400 journalists, their families and club employees availed medical checkup facilities in the recently organized medical camp. Lahiri said that due to professional commitments, a large number of journalists are unable to get their regular checkup done.
According to him, 80% of them who came for check up its found such journalists and their dependents were found diabetic. Through this initiative, the club provided them free medical checkup facilities under one roof. He said – This series of medical check up will be continued in future as well.

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