Explain VIP enclosure, security for Kejriwal at R, Day parade, says BJP

kejri-27aNEW DELHI : Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was drafted into a new controversy today with the BJP accusing him of failing to walk to the talk on his pledge to shun VIP facilities.
In a series of tweets, the BJP’s Rajiv Pratap Rudy included a photo while he pointed out, “Was shocked today, AAP CM Kejriwal enjoying RD parade with dozen Delhi Police security in VVVIP enclosure… he is a politician like me” and “Dozen Delhi Police in plain clothes seen in background give VVIP security cover 2 aam aadmi CM Kejriwal in RD Parade.”
Mr Kejriwal took over as the new Chief Minister of Delhi a month ago, vowing to cleanse politics of corruption and the in-your-face VIP culture that elected representatives revel in, flaunting huge posses of security and official cars with sirens and flashing red lights that give them the right of way. Mr Kejriwal and his cabinet have refused the sprawling bungalows they are entitled to, opting for modest government flats, and the chief minister’s blue Wagon-R has been spotted waiting at red lights, instead of being whisked through by a convoy.
The 45-year-old is seen as the inspiration for President Pranab Mukherjee’s remark against “populist anarchy” in his Republic Day address to the nation.
Mr Kejriwal yesterday suggested political parties debate that notion.
Last week, he defied the orders of the Delhi Police to stage a two-day demonstration in the heart of the capital, demanding the suspension of five cops for alleged dereliction of duty. The sit-in by Delhi’s highest elected official was held in one of the country’s maximum-security zones which houses Parliament and several key ministries.
Mr Kejriwal was criticised for forcing the shutdowns of metro stations in the area and creating traffic jams. Unperturbed, he insisted that he was calling attention to the issue of women’s safety and signed files from his demonstration to indicate that governance would not be affected by the fact that the entire cabinet was operating from the road side.

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