Disadvantages plague advantage AAP in Bengal

indexKolkata: Aam Admi Party’s recently formed State Unit here was not greeted by any big time political parties’ dissidents (of course, they may not be Mr/ Ms Clean) joining them nor any well-known anti-Trinamool Congress and –CPI(M) intellectuals, but with political realities unfolding in months to come AAP may end up with a little edge in run up to this year LS poll!
If the Trinamool Congress (TMC) party leaders’ reaction is even not taken seriously, they drop hints about another party trying to enter West Bengal which if not succeed but cut into votes for a few of 42 LS seats.
And this may rob the TMC’s huge victory margins, especially in Hindi-speaking belt and in areas could not get Mamata’s magic touch yet!
“Here we do not bother who comes to Bengal to test political waters, because we all know Mamata Banerjee’s 40-years long struggle for triggering a change,’’ said a top TMC leader, hastening to add, “but we have no quarrels with APP.’’
On the contrary, however, crumbling state CPI(M) leadership though did not greet AAP, but feels confident “it’s quite democratic for any political organisation to come to Bengal and try up their luck,’’ said a top state leader echoing CPI leader like AB Bardhan and CPI(M)’s Prakash Karat.
A dissident Left leader however said: “AAP efforts seem to bring a kind of faint hope for Left in Bengal in LS poll.’’
But there’s a disadvantage for AAP in Bengal, in a hurry party, it’s not known to have understood the real political and socio-economic problems of the state during 34-year CPI(M) rule or how Mamata Banerjee’s dictatorial ways began to distance her from a section of media and people who matter politically and real bottle-necks new Chief Minister is creating.
Thus spreading disgust with political establishments while stand as advantage for AAP but it’s lack of political understanding in Bengal is a major disadvantage.

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