Kejriwal ends ‘janta darbars’, says he will go to the people instead

NEW DELHI : kejri-3Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has abandoned plans to hold a janta darbar or public feedback session every week, vowing instead to meet people more informally. His inaugural darbar on Saturday ended in chaos after thousands showed up.
“Every Saturday, I will meet people in different areas of Delhi. They don’t need to come to me for grievances, I will go to them,” Mr Kejriwal said today.
“People can post their grievances online. We will set up a call centre, people can also send in their complaints via post,” he added.
On Saturday, officials were clearly unprepared to handle the larger-than-expected crowd of thousands that showed up at the Delhi government’s headquarter to share their complaints with the new chief minister and his cabinet.
Mr Kejriwal had to exit the venue mid-way. He promised better arrangements for the next session.
The janta darbar featured in a slew of features announced by Mr Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to interact directly with residents of the capital to deliver better and swifter governance.
Mr Kejriwal has introduced a series of helplines for people to register complaints against corrupt bureaucrats or share feedback on electricity problems.The AAP has said it stands committed to ensuring that politicians are accountable to the public.

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