Bye-bye to parking woes in Patna…

parkingPATNA : The days of jostling for parking space in the Patna Junction area are numbered. The ambitious multi-level parking facility, a part of Buddha Smriti Park project near the station roundabout, is expected to be functional by February-end.
Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd, a private firm, is giving finishing touches to the semi-automated parking facility at the four-storeyed structure. It would accommodate 480 vehicles at a time.
Sources in Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCo), the executing agency for the project, claimed that Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd had given a commitment to hand over the facility latest by February 15.
“Godrej had started working on the installation works on “parking management and guidance system” — a first of its kind in Patna — at the multi-level parking facility from the first week of July last year. The work is in the final stages now. According to a review meeting held on Thursday, the expected time to handover the facility to us is the first week of February. We would seek appointment from the chief minister for its inauguration,” said a senior official of BUIDCo.
The camera-based surveillance system of the parking facility is being installed with an estimated outlay of Rs 1.4 crore. The total cost of the parking project, including the civil works, is Rs 15 crore.The parking facility would have lateral slope entry and circular exit ramps. The entry to the parking facility is from the western side. From Buddha Marg, motorists would have to take the lane adjacent to erstwhile Pearl Cinema. The exit is on the Station Road, facing Mahavir Mandir.
Each floor of the facility would have washrooms and a terrace garden at the peripheral boundary.
Parking vehicles at the new facility would be a cakewalk. A motorist would have to drive the car into the entry bay, where an automated camera would take the photograph of its number plate. A screen at the bay would show the map of the vacant spot for the vehicle on the respective floor. The driver would be guided to the vacant spot throughout the ramp connecting the different floors through screens installed at various points.
Motorists would have to pay the parking fee while driving out of the facility. At the exit bay, another automated camera would take the photograph of the number-plate and match it with the one taken when the car entered the facility. Then, the duration of the parking would be calculated and the corresponding charges would be collected.
Parking of two- or three-wheelers would be prohibited on the premises.

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