With Pak, China forcing border disputes on India, B’desh leaders fear war fallouts

DHAKA: With Indian elections look likely set to bring a political change in Delhi, Bangladeshi political parties are getting increasingly worried about muscle-flexing between India, China and Pakistan.“External affairs is any nation’s own problem or issue, but we’re being neighbours, geographically very close, any major war, we fear will affect us in several ways,’’ said a senior leader of Awami League party.indo-china
However, fear lies on `human errors either intentional or unintentional switching on the powerful and destructive missiles.’“All of us – geographically close neighbours should work out a minimum protection frame work for all of us, after all our big neigbhours are all nuclear states whether it’s India, China or Pakistan,’’ said a spokesperson of a relatively smaller party.“We would suggest that all these states should come forward and India being a more open and considerate nation should take initiative in this direction once the elections are over, at least we stand free from destructive effects of any war,’’ he added.
“We know India is most tolerant nation to numerous military provocations, so we fondly expect new government should take a strategic initiative to keep the region free from effects of any large-scale war threat,’’ agreed another Awami leader, echoing the fear of  threat.
Incidentally, what left the political establishments in Dhaka worried has been recent Chinese military experiments in Arunachal which has been repulsed either by diplomacy or  patience by Indian Government.“But we also know with neighbour like Pakistan and their outfits’ repeated attempts to infiltrate and create problems not only in Kashmir but also in other cities, the patience my wear off in moments of  despair,’’ admitted a Jatiya Party leader, a party which happens to be an ally of Awami League.
“Of course, Chinese attempts were very recent ones, but we fear such moves breaking into a bigger war any time,’’ he added.“Only India can keep all of them off with a concrete initiative which even include a country like Sri Lanka,’’ admitted a top Indian political leader in opposition.with Inputs from Kolkata.

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