Sunil Gavaskar Reveals 2 Players Approached by Bookies

gwaskarMUMBAI: At a time when the Supreme Court has appointed a committee to probe allegations of match-fixing and betting in the 2013 Indian Premier League, bookies are still trying to influence players. Speaking to reporters in Kolkata on Thursday, Sunil Gavaskar, who has been appointed by the Supreme Court to run the tainted IPL, said two players were approached by bookies during this year’s tournament.
The players reported the matter to the IPL governing council through officers appointed with each team and the approach has been reported to the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit. “They are looking into it,” Gavaskar said. Details of the players or teams were not available.
The Test legend also said that issue regarding Brendon McCullum being approached by the bookies is something to be concerned about but assured that no leak as far as confidentiality of cricketer’s discussions with ACSU has happened from IPL.
“I can assure you that the leak did not come from the IPL. I don’t know where it came from. It’s an issue to be concerned. I’ve to say we have got an Integrity Officer (IO) attached with every team this time. It has made it a lot easier for players to communicate,” Gavaskar told reporters.
“Sometimes players didn’t know what to do. Okay there was a number to contact. But a lot of people (players) were thinking if you contact, does your number come under their list.
“The anonymity and confidentiality aspect was something the players were not sure about. Now with the IO attached to every team, it has become a lot of easier. If there has been an approach, people go and tell the officer so that he takes it forward.”

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