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Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2017

Saudi fund set to enter B’desh, liberals fear Jamaat wahabies

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imagesKOLKATA: As Saudi funds for special mosques in all districts and Police Stations set to enter Bangladesh, in which Jamaat run banks (only banks) will have a clear avenue to channel them, B’desh liberals fear wahabies (fundamentalists).

Though the fund will enter Islamic Foundation first which controls the appointments of Imams in mosques, liberals fear the Jamaat run banks will also have a major role to play in channeling the funds in wrong hands.
According to Begum Hasina Government sources, terms and conditions of Saudi aid recommend in total 600 mosques will be built and the agenda will give both Islamic Foundation and Jamaat run banks to control the “funds for wrong purpose,’’ said a liberal politicians.
Though Mosques are no problem but people who would control and channel them would be mischief makers,’’ said a liberal politician, saying, “entire world is a Mosque (barring grave yards and toilets), then Saudi funds should have been channeled for welfare of poor and we have no less of them.’’
Interestingly, all over B’desh Jamaat-run banks are the major financial institutions that handle finance at the national level.And Hasina Government didn’t take any initiative to nationalize these banks by promulgating laws so they enjoy freedom to fund housing projects to channel foreign funds  reaching Bangladesh,’’ admitted a politician.
And they happen to be the financial backbone of  Jamaat who believe in violence in the name of Islam,’’ said a Dhaka-based coloumnist. Thus soon it would be a land of wahabies, and a threat burden for our neighbours, especially India. And Pakistan “which sponsors terrorism, will also send their men hunting in Bangladesh.’

So any one can understand the implications of Saudi funding for mosques,’’ he quipped.  Incidentally, Jamaat fundamentalists killed liberal blog writers not in very remote past.It would be wrong to presume that Hasina Government or her think thanks didn’t understand implications of Saudi funding.


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