N Srinivasan forcing gay son to marry woman

353534-n-srinivasan-gen1-700NEW DELHI: Former BCCI chief N Srinivasan on Monday was accused by his gay son Ashwin of forcing him to marry a woman in order to continue their family lineage.This shocking revelation was made by DNA newspaper in an interview with Srinivason’s son.
“I want my father to give me my share of the family property and let me live my life like I want with my partner Avi.“We’re being held captive against our will and tortured by my father who wants me to break up with Avi, get married and have children to further the family line,” said Ashwin Srnivasan to a Newspaper DNA.
Ashwin has also claimed that he along with his partner Avi Mukherjee are being held captive in Chennai’s tony First Avenue neighborhood of Boat Club in close vicinity to the residence of his father.On being asked for proof by DNA, Ashwin also shared various letters written by Srinivasan, clearly stating his opposition to his son’s relationship with another man.
The letters, all written on N Srinivasan’s personal stationery between 2007 and 2008 are in possession of the newspaper.One of the letters from Srinivasan to Ashwin dated June 20, 2007 reads: “Ash, you are my only son. Both your mother and I love you very much.
You are aware of the hope I had for you,” and advises, “I feel you need to do certain things to help yourself”, before going to explicitly state, “I have saved money through my own hard work.
That is to say my wealth is self earned. I would like it go to my flesh and blood – I want a lineage to carry on the business. I can’t give it to strangers.Therefore I think it will be good idea for you to marry a girl acceptable to us which probably might enable creation of a lineage.”
“You need to re-enter normal society which you left years ago. Until you change, I am going to induct Rupa (Ashwin’s sister, who is married to Gurunath Meiyappan) on to the India Cements Board. You can also join the board after you accomplish the changes I have suggested,” signing off affectionately as Anna.
Another letter, written on September 27, 2007, states: “See how you’re living now – man of your education and qualification, you are not prepared to face normal society. If you make an effort to change I will reward you.”
Clearly unhappy with his father’s attitude, Ashwin lashed out against Srinivasan with a letter.Srinivasan on January 20, 2008 replied to his son’s letter, stating:
“I am in receipt of your letter talking of vague and unconnected events at different times in your private life. I see you are using all this to threaten me and extortion is clearly visible. I can see desperation – without your knowledge your letter exposes the true character of your ‘friend’ (Avi) as a criminal who breaks the law, indulges in drugs, etc. – all criminal activities.
“But your mother is soft and I have decided to stay out till now. You cannot say what you want because your ‘friend’ says so. I have paid for everything since the time your present ‘friend’ came into your life until NOW (his upper case)!
Life has been one long ORGY at my expense. He has systematically destroyed you – stripped you of all sense of dignity and self-respect – made spectacle of you in Chennai – took you for one long orgy of drugs and debauchery in Bangkok – continued it in Mumbai – introduced other people like him and reduced you to state where you depend on him completely.”
“He wants to Asset Manage you. That is why he is upset when I said my money will travel to my lineage. His plans are destroyed so he is using you to threaten and extort money.” he added.
Srinivasan made another attempt to mend his relationship with Ashwin with a letter dated August 7, 2008, which read: “Although our views on your relationship and friend have honestly not changed – I can’t see why you can’t either restore family ties by spending weekends at Chennai or look at getting involved in the family business by staying here during the weekdays.”
Ashwin claims his father has now resorted to violence and threats after the letters failed to change his son’s mind.When DNA reached out to his father, he said, “This is a personal matter between a father and son. Why should I talk to you about it? I have no comment to offer.”

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