What Pappu actually said in his interview…

pappuNEW DELHI : ​ Recently Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, the man who will certainly become the PM if ever a Congress coalition gets a majority, gave his first proper interview to a TV channel. It was a telling interview and spoke a lot about the state of mind of the man who has nicknames like Pappu, Shehzada, Yuvraj and Buddhu on Twitter.TV anchor Arnab Goswami usually grills all his guests and shouts at them and doesn’t let themspeak many a times. He generally has a dismissive and arrogant tone but he was extremely civil and polite to Rahul.
He also didn’t ask questions like…
Business Insider website claims that your mother is a dollar billionaire. What do you have to say to that?
Do you believe that your father was guilty in Bofors?
You attack Modi for being authoritarian, but isn’t your mother the same and she also has been holding the post of Congress President for close to 16 years now. Isn’t that undemocratic?
Do you think your brother-in-law is guilty in corruption cases? What do you think of his name appearing at airports?
You keep talking of how the system is closed to outsiders and yet people like you are the biggest problems?
Do you believe in monarchy in a democratic country? If no, then how are you succeeding your mother?
But we are used to journalists absolutely fawning over and falling to their knees when it comes to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, that we found it quite a probing and tough interview.

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