VHP sets December 31 deadline for construction of Ram Temple

PQYAyAD2INDORE: With the ruling BJP apparently putting the Ram Temple issue on hold, its affiliate Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has now set a December 31 deadline for construction of a grand temple dedicated to Lord Ram at Ayodhya.
Addressing a huge gathering of saints and youths from across the country at Ujjain Mahakumbh, the saffron outfit’s general secretary Champat Rai said, “Construction will start before December 31, and we won’t wait for the Supreme Court verdict… We kept our patience, but won’t wait beyond December.”
The VHP general secretary also dismissed reports which claimed that the temple’s construction would begin from November 1, saying ”some organisations were spreading rumours to hog limelight on the Ayodhya issue.”
He said 90% of the work for temple construction had been completed and the remaining would be done with the help of saints.The VHP announcement comes four days ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to Ujjain where he will take part in the Vaicharik Mahakumbh.

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