‘She Has Become TV Star’: High Court on Woman Assaulted by Cop With Brick

cop-attacks-woman-650_650x400_61431336851NEW DELHI: The woman who was beaten with a brick by a Delhi constable has become a “TV star” and “improved her statement” by revising it for the media, said the Delhi High Court today, while expressing concern about road rage in the capital, and faulting both the police and citizens for “not knowing their duties.”
The traffic cop who beat the woman on Monday after they got into an argument about her jumping a red light has been arrested and sacked.
The Delhi High Court intervened “suo moto” or of its own accord after the shocking assault was caught on a  cellphone camera by  a witness. Ramanjit Kaur was riding a scooter with her three young daughters when she was stopped by the policeman. She claims he asked her to pay a bribe of Rs. 200. An audio clip released today establishes their quarrel before he hit her. In the clip (NDTV cannot verify its authenticity), the policeman offers to give the woman a receipt for the fine – which contradicts the woman’s version of events.
The woman threw a brick at the policeman’s bike; he then hit her on the back with another brick and twisted her arm.The High Court said, “Road rage (in Delhi) is increasing, citizens don’t know their duties.” It will now appoint a senior lawyer to  examine why cases of road rage are increasing.
Delhi Police Chief BS Bassi said, “We will need systemic changes to see that even under pressure, police officers act according to the  law.” He also wants policemen to have “recording devices” to ensure interactions with the public are collected on camera.Sources said that the Delhi Police is stretched far too thin with long shifts and would benefit greatly from counselling sessions

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