Punjab gangrape victim and her family forced to leave home after Ramdev visit

ramdevChandigarh: Insenstivity of the Chandigarh police, yoga guru Swami Ramdev and the media has forced a gang rape victim and her family to leave their house in search of anonymity and peace.
Ramdev and his followers had visited the victim’s house on December 21 last year to offer help. Flouting the rules, more than 100 people, including those from the media, had reached the locality where the family lived in Chandigarh’s outskirts.
Sources said Ramdev ignored the appeal of DIG R.S. Ghuman, who had asked him not to visit the victim’s home. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) had slammed Ramdev for meeting the victim, saying he had breached the sensitivity of the matter.
The yoga guru should be prosecuted for disclosing the identity of the gangrape victim, the Congress leaders said. ”A criminal case should be registered against Ramdev for disclosing the identity of the victim. We will be compelled to take the legal recourse if no action is taken against Ramdev,” vice-president of Chandigarh Youth Congress, Harmel Kesari said.
“The victim’s brother has said that the family was compelled to sell their house as people started visiting them after the incident. The family is now living in a rented accommodation at an undisclosed location,” the victim’s counsel Brajeshwar Jaswal said.
Another reason was the constant pressure being mounted on the family by the perpetrators of the crime, he said. The lawyer, however, confirmed that the family is satisfied with the investigation being done by a special investigation team.
Based on the girl’s complaint, five Chandigarh police constables were arrested on December 19 after the 17-year-old victim confided the incident to her sister. The girl had alleged that she was repeatedly raped by the five policemen in their PCR van, meant for quick response to SOS calls from people.

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