My buffaloes more famous than Queen Victoria: Azam Khan

azamKANPUR : Taking a dig at the much-hyped brouhaha over his buffaloes, Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan on Wednesday said that his cattle had become more famous than Queen Victoria and that everyone including him must have a fortune like his buffaloes.
Apparently peeved over the extent of hoopla over his stolen buffaloes in media, Azam Khan said that whenever he switched on the TV, he got to see his buffaloes and people carrying their dung over their heads. He continued his sarcasm saying that he would pray to Allah that everyone should have a fortune like his buffaloes.Azam Khan’s seven buffaloes were stolen from his farmhouse on Friday night.
The furore over the matter came to light when a high-level search team was roped in to hunt the missing cattle.It was a first of its kind search operation, with UP cops and sniffer dogs on their toes to search the missing buffaloes.
A massive search operation was launched by senior police officials, who also scoured through slaughter houses and neighbouring areas.
The missing cattle were finally traced after a day of strenuous hunt.Three police officials also had to bear the brunt of the buffalo theft as they were later transferred over dereliction of duty.

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