Modi dig at Rahul Gandhi over his London speech: Unfortunate questions were raised about India’s democracy..

NEW DELHI : “India is not only the largest democracy but is the mother of democracy… it’s unfortunate that in London questions were raised about India’s democracy… some people are constantly questioning India’s democracy…,” PM Narendra Modi said in Karnataka’s Hubballi-Dharwad.
Prime Minister on Sunday took a dig at Rahul Gandhi over Congress leader’s speech during his recent visit to London when he raised questions on the Indian democratic system.
In an apparent reference to Gandhi’s remarks made in London — that structures of Indian democracy are under “brutal attack”, the Prime Minister termed it an insult to 12th century social reformer Basaveshwara, the people of Karnataka, India’s great traditions and its citizens.

Mr Modi hit out at Congress’s Rahul Gandhi today, saying his remarks on democracy in India was an attack on the people of Karnataka, India, and God.  “It is unfortunate that from the soil of London, questions are being raised on Indian democracy,” He said during his visit to Karnataka. “These people are insulting the people of Karnataka and the people of India. Karnataka must stay away from such people,” he added in his address in the state, where assembly elections are due later this year.
“The entire world studies this democratic system. And there are many such other things for which we can say that India is not only the largest democracy but the mother of democracy… There is no force that can weaken Indian democracy. But despite that, there are constant attempts by some people to attack Indian democracy,” he said.
In another dig at the Congress, PM Modi said, “Congress dreaming about my grave doesn’t know that blessings of mothers, sisters and people of the country is a protection shield for me.” Mr Gandhi’s comments at his alma mater Cambridge University — that Indian democracy is under attack and several politicians, including himself, are under surveillance — have become the latest flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP. The BJP has accused him of “defaming” the country abroad after repeated electoral defeats.
Mr Gandhi has hit back, alleging that it is the Prime Minister who discredited the country’s achievements since Independence. “I recall the Prime Minister going abroad and announcing that noting has been done in the 60 or 70 years of Independence,” Mr Gandhi told reporters at an event organised by the Indian Journalists’ Association last week. “I remember him saying there was a lost decade… there is unlimited corruption in India. I remember him saying this abroad… You have not heard his speech where he said nothing has been done in India since Independence, insulting every Indian parent, grandparent?” he said.”I have never defamed my country. I’m not interested in it. I’ll never do it. Of course, the BJP liked to twist what I’m saying. That’s fine,” he had added.
(Bureau Report with Media Inputs).

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