Kanhaiya On Smriti Irani And PM Modi

kanhaiya-interview_650x400_51457093469NEW DELHI: JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested on charges of sedition for alleged ‘anti-national’ comments, says he has faith in the country and does not want ‘Azaadi’ from India. Below are the highlights: I am not a star, I am just a representative of JNU students.I want to thank all the people who came together breaking their ideological boundaries
They didn’t stand up for Kanhaiya Kumar or JNU, they stood up for democracy, justice and the ability to say what is right and what is wrong

  • We have faith in this country, don’t want azaadi from India
  • Did not prepare my speech, spoke from my experience
  • I stated pain of society’s weaker sections in my speech
  • We want freedom to say yes or no
  • Mentality of those in the Sangh is divisive
  • Politicians are looking at my speech from political point of view.
  • In the country, some are trying to create a binary debate.
  • Our brothers, my father produces food grains.
  • Farmers are committing suicide.
  • They are all martyrs.
  • But the people who make them give up their life.
  • They are trying to patent nationalism wrongly.
  • System has space that the kid of an anganwadi worker can study PhD.
  • Sedition is not desh droh but raj droh. The British have gone but they are using this.
  • Sedition is being used as a political tool by the powers that be.
  • We have the freedom of expression, we understand the restrictions of that also.
  • When we talk of freedom, we are talking of using the access to our Constitution.
  • Women should have freedom to choose their husbands.
  • Women should be able to walk freely at night.
  • I have full faith in judicial system.
  • Any student who is a citizen of the country cannot be a traitor.
  • If any student is doing any unlawful activity, law should take its own course.
  • I don’t think the incident at JNU should have come under sedition
  • I am no law expert, I am a student.
    There is a difference between nationalism and patriotism
    Concept of nationalism came from Europe – one religion one identit
    In patriotism or desh bhakti, there is an element of multi-identity.
    India is a nation of nations, it represents multiculturalism.
  • It gives us the right to respect the restriction placed by Constitution but gives us the freedom also.
  • On one hand you talk of globalisation yet you use European nationalism.
  • That blind nationalism gave birth to fascism in Hitler and Mussolini. We will not let anyone become that. Nationalism is not this. It becomes a tool of RSS.
  • That you have to say Vande Mataram if you have to stay in India, you can’t impose it.
  • We want justice for Rohith Vemula who was forced to commit suicide as government machinery was used against him.
  • Autonomy of Universities should not be attacked.
  • One type of ideology shouldn’t be imposed.
  • Things should be done as per law and rules of procedure.
  • I am a member of AISF, we fought for independence.
  • People sacrificed their lives.
  • The fear that our rights may be snatched gives us the power to fight.
  • I was very worried when the Home Minister said something baseless. He should have thought about it.
  • I am a student and son of a mother.
  • The image of students, colleagues, institutions and a whole section of society.
  • He should not think as a party member.
  • PM does Mann ki Baat, but should do Maa ki Baat.
  • Democracy is because of people. I will write to have a conversation with the people.
  • I would only like to say to PM Modi, when you were young, what was your viewpoint on this country.
  • Youth are now looking at the country from their point of view.
  • Don’t try to finish the difference of opinion and thought in our country.
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