E-mails circulating in media not reliable: Kangana ‘s lawyer:

660161MUMBAI: The never-ending war between Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut got a notch higher after a trail of e-mails revealing the personal conversation between the two was out. The alleged love affair seemed like a one-sided thing, once  the e-mails were leaked.
However, now Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has shot back at the Greek god of Bollywood, claiming that the emails leaked to media, allegedly by the actor, are not reliable and the ‘Krrish’ star filed a police complaint after a delay of seven month despite having prior knowledge that the email account of “Queen” star was hacked.
E-mails submitted unverified, says Kangana ​Ranaut’s lawyer;

A number of emails, allegedly written to Roshan from Kangana’s side, were leaked to a newspaper which appear to show that the affair was one-sided.The lawyer said Kangana’s sister, Rangoli had informed Hrithik that the actress’ account was hacked and she had even suggested that they should file a joint complaint.

“He (Hrithik) then allegedly stopped communication with my client or her sister and instead surprisingly starts receiving a lot of one-sided emails from my client at a time when my clients emails were hacked. He not only has full knowledge of the same but accused of hacking her emails,” Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui said in a statement.
The lawyer also accused Roshan of diligently storing and maintaining these “unverified and fabricated emails for future use as is seen now. It has also been observed that he willfully fails to authenticate the genuineness of any of these emails which he received from a hacked account”.

Sidduqui claimed when the actor collected sufficient unverified emails with him, he then filed an informal complaint with the police without informing Kangana or her sister.
He claimed Hrithik abandoned his complaint with police for 14 months before taking it up again this year in February while sending a defamation notice to Kangana for calling him a “silly ex”.

29-year-old Kangana is set to record her statement in the fake imposter case, filed by Hrithik, on April 30 but her lawyer said the actor did not wait for it and instead started showing media these unverified and fabricated emails to prove that Kangana was mentally not “stable.”

“When his name, image and reputation was at stake and he was accused of hacking my clients emails and also of being in a relationship with my client, besides there being a charge on him that he has also sent a lot of stuff in the last 6 months to my client and that therefore there cannot be any imposter,” Siddiqui claimed, adding why did not the actor bother to clear his name immediately.

What started as a complaint against an alleged imposter by Hrithik has turned into an ugly public and legal battle between the two stars, with both coming up with allegations and counter-allegations against each other every other day.The 42-year-old “Krrish” star and Kangana have slapped legal notices on each other for defamation.

Hrithik, who was the first to send the legal notice to Kangana, has demanded that she apologise in a press conference publicly and clear the air about their alleged affair which he firmly refutes. Kangana had replied by sending a counter-notice to the actor and alleging him of ‘slut-shaming’ her by circulating private mails and photos.

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