Mohit Bansal expresses the pain of nature through the magic of colors.

NEW DELHI :A piece of art expresses one’s creativity. He also reveals his feelings and thoughts. These pieces of art tell stories. The reason why art remains relevant is because it is a more creative way of expressing one’s feelings. It is also a silent means of releasing stress.
There can be many subjects of painting, among them, arts and works related to nature attract you the most. This desire of the audience inspires the artist to do better.
Young artist Mohit Bansal’s paintings related to nature give you peace. They are thrilling. They draw you towards themselves. This is the desire of an artist. Life comes only from nature. Mohit says – Rivers, sea, mountains, trees and plants and the shadows of nature have prominence in my paintings made in the medium of voila and oil.
Mohit Bansal’s painting was also among the more than two hundred artists from across the country who participated in the three-day paintings-art exhibition organized on a country-wide level by The Heart of Art in the capital Delhi recently. However, there were mainly young and middle-aged artists among them. Many budding artists also presented their creative work through paintings in front of a huge crowd of spectators. Presently, the painting exhibition of technology engineer Mohit was the center of attraction and curiosity in the campus. He is very happy with the curiosity of the audience.
Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, the physical universe, the material world, or the material universe. “Nature” refers to phenomena in the physical world, and life in general. Nature exists all around us and deep within us. We are inseparable from nature – our bodies, lives and minds depend on the air we breathe.

The earth sustains our life force. Without the earth – without nature – what would we be? This comment of the young artist holds special significance because the countries of the world are discussing the issues of burning earth, coal emissions and air pollution. Mohit is like Patnidhi among them who is presenting the pain of nature with his brush.
Mohit says artwork based on nature can take many forms and serve many purposes. Because “nature” is such a vast subject that includes so many things. “Nature” refers to phenomena in the physical world, and life in general.
Some paintings are

representational, depicting people or objects realistically. Others are abstract, including shapes and colors that have no real-world equivalent According to the painter, we all take something from nature, but it is not possible for us to give something back to nature. This is a big reason why he is able to capture the beautiful forms of nature in her paintings.
Mohit comments on the magical use of colors through the medium of painting in painting – So that painting lovers do not find his art sad, depressing or indifferent, he has made special use of some colors in this painting which actually bring the painting alive. Appears to be doing.Mohit Bansal says “Each piece of art is an experience to be shared. An artist who expresses his creativity through painting may not be the owner of his paintings but he brightens up the homes, corridors and walls of others. “The painting is also a great drawing room conversation starter.”Uma Bansal, overwhelmed by her son’s paintings, says, “Mohit’s paintings are a small figure within each abstraction that gives you a small glimpse into the mind of the artist.
Their work has been a great conversation starter with all of my guests! Knowing that there is an artist and human being out there fills me with joy and hope.””Watching this artist work was a very inspiring experience. His divine approach and commitment to his art is unlike anyone I have ever known. At first glance I thought his paintings were a bit disorganized. But as I looked more closely, the art actually turned out to be quite a remarkable thing on canvas.

I found so many layers in one painting that I realized that a piece of Mohit’s art actually had many dimensions. It was actually a joy to see his art as the painting seemed to come alive. There are so many beautiful and captivating images within a piece of art that it keeps revealing itself as something new and unique again and again. The hand of this young artist appears to be God’s instrument, and he continues to create divine and ethereal images that speak to the soul, heart and eye.
This is an artist who is waiting for massive discovery and huge success!” A piece of art expresses one’s creativity and conveys one’s feelings and thoughts. For this reason, people who love art decorate their homes or offices with pieces that reflect stories that are dear to their hearts.


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