Delhi rape victim sues Uber in US court

319480-uberone700SAN FRANCISCO: A passenger allegedly raped by an Uber driver in New Delhi sued the online car service in U.S. federal court on Thursday, claiming the company failed to maintain basic safety procedures.The financial executive, who was not named in the lawsuit, called Uber the “modern day equivalent of electronic hitchhiking” in the suit “Buyer beware – we all know how those horror movies end,” the suit stated.
India is Uber`s largest market outside the United States by number of cities covered, and the country`s radio taxi market is estimated to be worth $6 billion to $9 billion. The rape allegation has triggered protests and reignited a debate about the safety of women in Asia`s third-largest economy, especially in New Delhi, which has been dubbed India`s rape capital.An Uber representative didn`t immediately comment about the lawsuit.

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