Anna’s late confessions, leave TMC cold, as `he spoke like a politician now’

mamta14KOLKATA: Anna’s late confessions, leave TMC cold, as `he spoke like a politician now’ from Santanu Banerjee Kolkata: Gandhian activists Anna Hazare’s rebuttal that he “supports Mamata and Not her party… there was only 4000 people they asked me to address…some bad people (one-time close aide Santosh Bharati) entered between us. How we will work…,’’ has left Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee cold today here till this evening.
And none of her party leaders were there to comment on phone or otherwise. Even Mamata Banerjee, who is more used to talking to people and (not to reporters like she used to before she became Chief Minister) by facebook posts till late evening left it with no post! Though CPI(M)’s Bengalee mouthpiece Ganashakti today claimed “actually Mamata Banerjee’s party booked Ram Lila Maidan, so it was a rally she organized….’’ However, Anna Hazare’s `Gandhian cut’ (as Gandhi was known to have played on his Congress dissidents during pre-Independence days) could not convince political observers here.
“So? It doesn’t take away the blame on Anna Hazare for playing the last minute game on Mamata Banerjee,’’ said a Left-leaning intellectual, adding, “It doesn’t matter whose rally it was, anyway it was a rally of both and Hazare cannot wash out his hands.’’ Nor Anna Hazare’s blaming Santosh Bharati could demur his one time-close aide: “If Annaji calls me gaddar, I am a gaddar but he is talking like a sadhu-turned politician, not the sadhu as I knew him.’’ Bharati was speaking to local media. Incidentally, Mamata who passed no adverse comments on Anna even during the rally, “has won up peoples’ faith as a respecting political leader, Anna’s rebuttals couldn’t wash out his darker-sides,’’ said another political commentator.

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