While State BJP hits out, unfazed Mamata may be appearing a little `softened up’

KOLKATA: With Mamata Banerjee still stealing the show with no great party candidates in 42 LS seats and remaining somewhat unfazed despite Election Commission’s likely decision to depute another senior officer to work with state’s Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Gupta, apparently to tighten up and look into existing state’s electoral process, but Didi appears a little more nationally acceptable.ECI-02
What seems to have given “Mamata Banerjee an edge over CPI(M) and Congress has been her consistent effort to convince people about the need of development,’’ said a political commentator.Though her development package, “unlike Congress-led UPA I & II pro-rich and upwardly mobile middle-class’’ may have gained her a wider approval of a larger section of people, said a top TMC leader.
But what led to a wilder speculations about her post-poll `softening up to BJP’ also has been the fact that a recent pre-poll forecast informing all TMC men that “may be TMC is ahead in at least 28 seats, but BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is ahead in the race.’’The TMC which may not be able to shrug off its regional stamp after political cuts Mamata Banerjee received of late at national level from many men, like Anna Hazare and others, she needed an unofficial truce, no matter how uneasy, with the `communal face of BJP’ to keep pace with political realism.
Though senior TMC party leaders believe “all such speculations are a lie by intellectuals and men whom the party distrusts,’’ but of late Mamata Banerjee has stopped using her most (she) loved to be used epithets against the BJP in her recent south and north Bengal campaigns Interestingly though the top state BJP leaders have not toned down their attacks on Mamata Banerjee whom they see as “a replica of Stalinist CPI(M).’’

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