`US, Saudi Arabia pressure rescuing Jammat leaders,’ feel Awami Leaguers

Bangladesh_Awami_League.svgKOLKATA/DHAKA: Pressures from “America’’ and to certain point “Saudi Arabia’’ and from Pakistan’s infrastructural ability to manipulate with the help of their agents, are delaying the prosecution and execution of Jammat leaders accused of genocides in Bangladesh last year.

According to sources in Awami League, especially a section against showing any mercy,  “these Pakistan-connected leaders should be dealt without any leniency, if people in our country believe in democracy and want to strengthen it.’’

The leaders said: “Even Pakistan succeeded in dragging other nation like  Saudi Arabia to exert pressure so that they pressurize Dhaka not to execute Jammat leaders either sentenced to death or sentenced to life-terms.’’

However, they believe that the BNP leaders, including Khaleda Zia, who recently tried to clear up her party’s image, (her connection with fundamentalist Jammat) with India, and to a point globally, “may not come clean. Will India Government records about Hindus fleeing their homes during the BNP rule and coming to boarding districts of West Bengal change? Or records of Buddhist Chakmas of Chittagong Hill Tracks coming to Tripura during Ershad’s rule change? What Kaleda Zia was doing then?’’ asked Awami League leaders.

But incidentally, “what we do not understand why America is taking interest in religious fundamentalists and pro-Pakistani Jammat’s rescue, after all they do not want Islamic fundamentalist to spread?’’ they quipped, hastening to add, “only their pressure is delaying their prosecutions.’’

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