Rahul Gandhi Takes Train To Udaipur For 3-Day Chintan Shivir

UDAIPUR: Former Congress President  Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of creating two India’s, one for the rich and another for the poor, and claimed that the resources of the country are being given to a few wealthy people. Launching his party’s campaign for this year’s Gujarat Assembly elections at an ‘adivasi satyagrah rally’ in tribal Dahod district, Gandhi said he is confident that Congress will come to power in the state.
In 2014, Narendra Modi ji became the prime minister of India. Before that he was the chief minister of Gujarat. The work he started in Gujarat, he is doing in the country. It is called the Gujarat Model, Gandhi said. Today, two Indias are being created, one India of the rich, a few select people, billionaires and bureaucrats who have power and money. The second India is of the common people, he said.
In the BJP model, resources of people like water, forest and land which belong to tribals and other poor people, are being given to a few, he said.

The Congress leader also said that the BJP-led government in the state had deprived tribals of their rights., The BJP government will not give you anything, but take away everything from you. You (tribals) have to snatch your rights and then only you will get what is yours, he said.
Tribal people through their hard work build roads, bridges, buildings and infrastructure in Gujarat. But what did you get in return? You got nothing. Neither good education nor health service, he said.
During the pandemic, the prime minister told you to bang pots and pans (from balconies) and flash your mobile lights, when three lakh people died in Gujarat. Ganga river was filled up with dead bodies. Between 50 to 60 lakh people died in the country due to coronavirus, he said. Boarded Chetak Express from Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station on Thursday to travel to Udaipur to participate in his party’s ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir – 2022′. The Gandhi scion interacted with a delegation of the porters’ association and listened to their concerns at the station. Congress said that the core goal of the ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir – 2022’ is to find progressive solutions to people’s problems.
The grand old party leader was flanked by several Congress workers at the railway station in the national capital.

Ahead of Udaipur Chintan Shivir chorus for Rahul Gandhi as Congress president grows louder Ahead of Udaipur Chintan Shivir, chorus for Rahul Gandhi as Congress president grows louder Congress One-Family-One-Ticket rule could return but not for Gandhis What to expect from three-day Chintan Shivir Congress’s One-Family-One-Ticket rule could return, but not for Gandhis: What to expect from three-day ‘Chintan Shivir’

Congress’s three-day ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Rajasthan’s Udaipur will be held from May 13. The grand old party leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and several other senior leaders will brainstorm on a roadmap for the revival of the party’s fortunes.
Meanwhile, reports suggested that some section of Congress leaders are likely to call for return of Rahul Gandhi as party president.
The Congress leaders are likely expected to deliberate on the political, economic, farmers, youth and organisational issues. Congress had formed six different committees to discuss the above-mentioned six agendas.

Rahul Gandhi launches Congresss Gujarat poll campaign says Modi created two Indias one for rich and another for poor
Rahul Gandhi launches Congress’s Gujarat poll campaign, says Modi created two Indias, one for rich and another for poorCongress’s three-day ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Rajasthan’s Udaipur will be held from May 13. The grand old party leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and several other senior leaders will brainstorm on a roadmap for the revival of the party’s fortunes.

Sonia Gandhi and several senior leaders attended the meeting of Congress Working Committee (CWC) on May 9. Without mincing her words, the Congress president noted that that self-criticism is of course needed in Congress forums and asserted that she was determined that Chintan Shivir should herald a restructured organization to meet the many ideological, electoral and managerial challenges we confront.
Addressing top Congress leaders at the party’s working committee meeting, Sonia Gandhi said, “Self-criticism is of course needed in our party forums. But this should not be done in a manner that erodes self-confidence and morale and an atmosphere of gloom and doom prevails. To the contrary, we are beholden to put our heads together and together, collectively overcome the challenges that face us.”

A trainload of Congress leaders and workers, led by Rahul Gandhi, departed today for Udaipur to take part in the three-day Chintan Shivir, where the all-important leadership issue and the party’s roadmap for the coming days will be up for discussion. The mega meeting comes days after the party held extensive discussions with election strategist Prashant Kishor, who made detailed presentations regarding the revival of the party.

Many of the leaders had acknowledged the plans as good and there is much speculation on whether the Congress will adopt any of the ideas.Among Mr Kishor’s plans was the induction of a non-Gandhi Working President, who would deal with day-to day issues while Sonia Gandhi remained the party chief. The plan dovetailed with the expected organisational elections to be held later this year.

With a huge section of Gandhi family loyalists hoping that Rahul Gandhi formally makes a comeback as party chief, and a section  — including the G-23 — batting for a non-Gandhi leader, the  Chintan Shivir discussions are expected to grab eyeballs over the weekend. “The fact that we are holding the shivir is in itself a message that the Congress president means business,” senior party leader Randeep Surjewala had said on Monday. At Monday’s meeting of the Working Committee — the party’s highest decision-making body — Sonia Gandhi had sent out a clear signal to critics, saying self-criticism is needed in party forums but it should not be done to erode self-confidence and morale.

Comments She, however, also warned against such brainstorming sessions becoming a ritual. She said she was determined that the coming Chintan Shivir should herald a restructured organisation and sought the cooperation of all leaders.
(Bureau Report with Media Inputs) with Media Inputs

(Bureau Report with Media Inputs)

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