5 Points from PM Modi’s Op-Ed in German Newspaper

pm-modi-hannover_650x400_51428898522Make in India’ needs urgent creation of new infrastructure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a three-nation tour, has said in an Op Ed for German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Here are five key points from his op-ed:
Through our “Act East” and “Link West” policy, India has the potential of becoming the middle ground for East and West as a manufacturing hub that serves both our vast domestic market and becomes a base for global exports and general well-being.
Our strategy for “Make in India” requires urgent creation of new infrastructure. The substantial enhancement in financing in the federal budget for highways, railways and energy is a step in this direction.
My Government has pledged a stable and transparent tax regime, reducing corporate taxes and implementing a single Goods & Services Tax in 2016.
I visualize India as a key engine of global growth. Our democratic principles and practices are guarantors of stability We have a free media and an independent judiciary that allows all opinions to be aired without fear.
We believe in “Rahein Saath Badhe Saath” (stay together-grow together). There is no other way forward. Mankind’s progress in this century depends on cooperation and collaboration. Conflict is unthinkable. So is poverty which Gandhi called the worst form of violence.
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