Raj Thackeray’s order, MNS workers wreck toll booth

rajTHANE: A toll booth in the suburbs of Mumbai was vandalized allegedly by workers of MNS, whose party chief Raj Thackeray told them on Sunday to “attack” and “reply in their own style” if they were asked to pay toll tax anywhere in Maharashtra.
Footage from the CCTV camera at the booth in Thane shows workers, allegedly of the MNS, storming into the booth, breaking glass and abusing the toll attendant. Days ago, a toll booth in Kolhapur was vandalised, allegedly by workers of the Shiv Sena.
Raj Thackeray told his party men yesterday: “I am ordering my workers to ensure that no toll tax is charged at any booth in Maharashtra. If anyone asks for toll tax, then phod dijiye, pitiye(attack, thrash them). Then whatever happens, happens.”
Police across the state have been put on alert after this threat. Weeks ago, toll booths in Kolhapur and Dombivali in Thane were attacked by workers of various political parties.
The MNS chief has been campaigning against toll collection, alleging mismanagement of funds by the state government and lack of accountability. He accused contractors of overcharging citizens and showing lower profits to justify prolonged toll collection.
In 2012, his workers had attacked and damaged toll booths across Maharashtra and urged people not to pay. Party activists have also allegedly threatened “MNS-style action” if the Mumbai airport operator did not stop taking entry charges for vehicles.
Mumbai has five entry points, which generate an estimated Rs.2 billion a year from toll collection, a major source of revenue for the state government.

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