Medanta: Reigning as Mother of all Super Speciality centres

Medanta-Hospital-Gurgaon-Charges-17-lakh-But-Could-Not-Save-a-7-year-OldGYAN BHADRA
NEW DELHI : Almost three decades ago at  the International  cardiology  conference  held  in  San  Diego  city,  world  renowned  cardiac  surgeon  and  CMD  at  Gurugram-based   medanta-medicity  hospital,  Dr.  Naresh  Trehan  opined  that  in  years  to  come, people  from  other  countries  would  visit  India  for  treatment  of  different  diseases.
At that  point  of  time,  it  seemed  incredible  to  many engaged in  the  healthcare  industry,  despite  the  fact that  Dr.  Trehan  operated  many  cardiac  patients  from  neighbouring  countries  successfully.
A  case  in  point  During the period  of  ‘90s,  Dr. Trehan  pioneered  single arm  robotic  cardiac  surgery  for  the  first  time  in  India by  successfully  performing  this  surgery  on  a  young girl  afflicted  with  heart  ailment  from  Bangladesh. Also in  1997, he blazed  a    trail by performing  the  first  port  access  or  keyhole surgery in  India
However,  as aptly  goes  the  saying “seeing  is  believing”,  Dr  Trehan’s dream project  and  vision  of setting up world  class  multi-superspeciality  centre, medanta-medicity—-in  commensurate  with  standards  of  Mayo  clinic, John Hopkins  and  Cleveland—-has  already  been  translated  into  reality.
Being  reckoned  among  world’s top five  medical  institutes,  it  is  now  competing  with  the  best  in  the  world  in  terms  of  standards,  technology  and  quality. And  what  he had  spoken  decades ago at  San  Diego’s conference had proved true.

What  bears  testimony  to  it  is  that people   from  countries  such  as  Iraq, Oman, Bahrain  and  most of  the  African countries(Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Sudan) are  visiting  medanta-medicity for treatment of  their  ailments. Not  only  this  but  also, people  from  Europe,Commonwealth  of  Independent  States  and  SAARC countries  are  thronging  it.

Conceived as 1600—beded(1250 beds and 350 critical beds) multi—superspeciality centre,  medanta-medicity  has already  earned  a reputation of one which can provide widest spectrum of  specialized clinical care to different diseases.
It has also earned  a  name  as  one which would admit and treat even the most high risk cases.  This  is  something  which  other  superspeciality  centres functioning  on  commercial  lines   in  India  would  never  do  as  it  would  affect  their  success  rate.

With  his  mission  statement  of  extending cutting edge technology and   state-of-the-art  treatment facilities to both  people  of  India and other countries,  Dr.Trehan  set  up  a  conglomerate  of  multi-super speciality  centres  across  the  country.
With  such  a mission statement,  we  cannot  afford  to  turn  down  cases  based  on  the  chances  of  its  success  or  failure,he  says. Every  patient  is  a  VIP is  the  motto  of  the  medanta  institute.  There are  no  symptoms of  VIP  syndrome for  a  particular  patient  in  the  Institute.
At  every  stage, the  interests  of  each  patient and  his  family  is  kept  foremost  in  mind  whether  he  is  poor  or  rich.  And   this motto   seemingly  leads  the  patients  to  instill “complete  faith”  in  Dr. Trehan  and  his team  of  doctors.This obviously helps them  in  their  fast  recovery.
Patna-based  300—beded  multi-superspeciality medanta-jayprabha centre,  which  is  to be operational  in  year  2020,  is  going  to  carve  a  niche  of  its own   with  its  highest  standards  of treatment  facilities  for  diverse  therapeutic   fields such  as  cancer, bone marrow  transplant, kidney transplant, cardiac care,  gastro-enterology, endocrinology,  neuroscience, orthopaedic, trauma  and
emergency  services. According to Dr. Trehan,  doctors  working  in medanta-jayprabha would  be imparted  best  technical  skill,  education  and  training at  par  with  that  of  those who  are  already serving  medanta-medicity in  Gurugram. Committed  to  provide  highest-end  healthcare  to  weaker  sections  in  Bihar,  he had reserved  25 percent bed  for  them.


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