Kanhaiya’s 15-year-old challenger Jhanvi Behal gets abusive threats on social media

jhanvibehal_story-and-fb_647_030616053508CHANDIGRAH: In a letter to the Director General of the Punjab Police, President of the Raksha Jyoti Foundation Ashwani Behal requested security for Jhanvi saying that her works towards the upliftment of society had made her a target and put her life on danger.
‘She is a young woman who raised her voice against the person who is booked under various acts under IPC and she is continuously working for social upliftment of our society. This caused danger to her life and many anti-social elements are willing to harm her,’ the letter said.
Her father, Ashwin Behal, told a local daily  that her social media accounts had been flooded with threats and people had been using offensive language against her. “Kanhaiya and his supporters have been trying to evade the debate due to the fear of losing.

Now they have started threatening me,” said Jhanvi, adding that “Kanhaiya has also given statements against the Army, which is condemnable”. “He is levelling allegations without any evidence just for political gains. We should not forget that our jawans sacrifice their lives for us,” she added.
Jhanvi Behal had earlier challenged Kanhaiya Kumar to an open debate on the freedom of expression and criticised him for his remarks. “What Kanhaiya ji said about Prime Minister Modi wasn’t appreciable at all. Instead of criticising the Prime Minister, he should have said something on those who raised anti-national slogans in the campus,” Jhanvi said.
She also said that Prime Minister Modi has been working tirelessly for the nation’s betterment, adding it is very easy to scorn at someone by sitting at home. “I invite him for an open debate on what he said on Prime Minister Modi,” she said. “I would like to inform that I would have done the same had there been any other Prime Minister,” she said. “There have been reports of anti-India slogans being raised in JNU. I want to ask him as to why there is no check in the university, but on the contrary he is criticising Prime Minister Modi,” she added.

Fresh row? BJYM files complaint against Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU prof Nivedita Menon over ‘anti-national’ remarks
“We truly believe in democracy and Constitution. We don’t look at the ABVP as an enemy, we look at them like the Opposition. Let me just say it is not easy to get admission in JNU, neither it is easy to silence those in JNU.
This attack is to delegitimise the UGC protests, to prevent justice to Rohith Vemula (the dalit scholar in Hyderabad who committed suicide),” he said. “Is seeking freedom from thorny issues confronting India a crime’” he asked.

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