Japan-Like Efficiency in PMO, Says Narendra Modi in Tokyo

modi-01TOKIYO: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today shared with business leaders in Tokyo his attempts to “replicate Japan-like efficiency” in his office and the government. He announced a special team under the Prime Minister’s Office to facilitate Japanese investments in India, explaining that he understood the coordination needed between the government and investors.

“We have initiated the Japanese form of management in the Prime Minister’s Office,” Mr Modi said, addressing a luncheon hosted by the Keidanren or the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Speaking extempore in Hindi, Mr Modi commented that his “strongest relationship” was with Japanese businessmen in Gujarat, where he was chief minister for 14 years before becoming Prime Minister in May. ”
Those who know the Gujarat experience have high expectations from me. If that is the yardstick, then that response, that speed is what businesses will get in India,” Mr Modi said. “I have made world-class golf courses in Gujarat. This is because I wanted a strong relation between the Japanese delegation and us.” The 63-year-old also spoke about how he had tried to make several changes in governance in his 100 days in office. “After a long time there is a stable government in Japan. In India too, after three decades there is a complete majority.
Our accountability is even more,” he said. “If you see my 100-day tenure, we have taken good initiatives, the results of which are visible,” he added. In an unusual step as he wrapped up his address, PM Modi asked all members of the Indian delegation in the room to stand so that the Japanese members could identify them and speak to them later. “This is my heavyweight delegation from India; even I have to take an appointment to meet with them,” he quipped.

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