Harish Rawat has won trust vote, claims BJP MLA; official results to be declared tomorrow

486651-harish-rawat-700-12DEHRADUN /NEW DELHI:  Alleging horse-trading by Congress, the BJP on Tuesday admitted defeat after the conclusion of two-hour long Supreme Court monitored trust vote proceedings in the Uttarakhand Assembly.
The official results of the trust vote will be announced by the Supreme Court on Wednesday. However going by the media reports, its is almost clear that former Congress chief minister Harish Rawat has survived the trust vote and proved majority in the 70-member House.
Lawmakers trooped out of the Uttarakhand Assembly as the trust vote sought by the Congress’ Harish Rawat ended, but they were not at liberty to share what happened inside the House.
But Congress sources said Mr Rawat had won the trust vote with the support of 34 lawmakers, three more than he needed to prove majority. With nine Congress rebels barred from voting, the strength of the 70-member Assembly was down to 61.
In what appeared to confirm that Mr Rawat had won, a BJP lawmaker said the party was “ready to sit in the opposition.”
President’s Rule was lifted in the state for a few hours for the trust vote, the proceedings of which have been recorded and will be sent to the Supreme Court, which will announce the result on Thursday.
The Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati said this morning that her two legislators in Uttarakhand would vote for the Congress.
“Of course we will win. A majority of the MLAs are with us, the people of Uttarakhand are with us, the gods are with us,” Harish Rawat had said as he headed for the trust vote this morning.
Congress legislator Rekha Arya, incommunicado for days, walked into the Assembly with the BJP’s Ajay Bhatt this morning, signaling which way she would vote.
But, a BJP rebel Bhim Lal Arya said he would vote for Mr Rawat, leveling the field again. The BJP too has 27 lawmakers.
Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets were not allowed in the House.Legislators raised hands to show whether they supported Mr Rawat or not.
“On March 18 when the trouble erupted in the House, some members joined hands with us hearing the voice of their conscience. Today also some MLAs will pay heed to the voice of their conscience and join us,” he said.Congress leader Ambika Soni said, “We have the numbers and will win the floor test without any difficulty.”She also alleged that huge amounts had been offered by the opposite side to lure legislators “on our side”.(with input frome Deahradun Bureau).
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