Ganguly’s hints on Mamata’s `intolerance’ shakes up Govt’s pro-democracy image

downloadKOLKATA: When last week former West Bengal Human Rights Commission chairman Justice Ganguly resigned his office quietly during his meeting with Governor M K Narayan, Trinamool Congress bosses, especially Mamata Banerjee was happy and not worried.
But things begin to change next day after he held the press conference on Wednesday (yesterday) and took on Supreme Court and politely State Government’s, (Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s) growing “intolerance’’ to piling up complains of huge human rights violence in the state and some of his `unpleasant’ actions against Government decisions, former Supreme Court justice seemed to have embarrassed two-and-half-year-old Government politically in no uncertain terms.
A top Trinamool Congress leader, on the condition of anonymity, told this reporter: “Politically, justice Ganguly’s statements, were damaging for us. Though he denied the charges of alleged “sexual harassment of an intern for which everything happened, but his negative hints with growing statistics about rise in human rights violations and our intolerance has handed over much needed weapons to our political rivals, like CPI(M), Congress and BJP, when they virtually have no issues.’’
He agreed “if the message was carried to urban intellectuals alone, things would have mattered less, but if our rival political parties carry this message to rural areas where notorious Kamduni like rapes and murders took place recently, we’ll face political embarrassments that too just a little before LS polls.’’
Apparently, justice Ganguly’s last bites politically may not eat up much of Supreme Court, but for State Government it would.
Though Mamata Banerjee and other Trinamool Congress leaders refused to react publicly, but party insiders believe it has already eaten up party’s image vis-a-vis growing and unabetted violence against women in the state which is not discriminating between either rural and urban women.

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