Britannica Executive Vineet Whig Commit suicide

vineet-whig_650x400_41463381235GURGAON: A senior executive working with Encylopedia Britannica killed himself by jumping within a deep shaft of the apartment building where he lived in Gurgaon.

The police says that Vineet Whig, the Chief Operating Officer for Britannica, was found inside the shaft with a suicide note in his pocket. He reportedly jumped into it from the 19th floor.

There are conflicting reports about whether Mr Whig jumped into the elevator shaft, or a deep vertical passage used for ventilation for the building
Mr Whig was 47. He had earlier worked with IT giant Wipro. According to the Times of India, Mr Whig’s father had a heart attack after hearing of his son’s death and is now in hospital.Mr Whig is survived by his wife and three children.

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