Akali Dal leader shot dead in ‘police encounter’ in Amritsar

369561-encounterAMRITSAR: the Punjab Police is in the dock after it reportedly killed Akali Dal leader Mukhjeet Singh Mukha by mistake in a police encounter in Amritsar
The incident happened yesterday evening when police men in civil clothes intercepted Mukha’s car and fire and fired indiscriminately at him. He was killed on the spot.
Reports said that the police have termed the incident as a case of mistaken identity as they had thought they had waylaid criminal. The police said that they had specific information that a person was travelling in an i20 car – without number plates – was on his way to commit some crime.
The police said that there was return fire from the car in which a constable was injured.Mukha was associated with the Youth Akali Dal. He was the party’s in-charge of ward number 16 in Amritsar Municipal Corporation.
However, Mukha’s family disputed the sequence of event and even alleged that the police had killed him in a planned manner.One relative told a newspaper that the police had removed the number plate of the car after the encounter and later kept a gun near his dead body.
Protests also broke out in Amritsar against the killing of the Akali Dal leader. Locals are demanding that guilty police men be booked for murder and arrested immediately.

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