Aandhra Pradesh: Thirsty elephants enter villages in search of water

elephant-3_0HYDERABAD: Water scarcity has hit wild life in Andhra Pradesh with four thirsty pachyderms in search of water entering into human habitations in four villages in Srikakulam district neighbouring Odisha.
The incident occurred in Bhamini mandal of Seethampet village when a herd of four female elephants entered the villages damaging mango, cashew and coconut plantations.
Elephants like water very much and they walk miles together in search of food and want to rest in large water bodies. The forest department too dug nearly 220 artificial water tanks in the forest area of the district under Neeru-Chettu (water and tree) programme for safeguarding the welfare of forest animals. However, due to no rainfall and severe heat conditions prevailing this region most of the tanks have dried up.
The forest officer Ch. Santhi Swaroop said that the jumbos came to the villages in search of water as some of the waterholes in the forest might have dried up due to insufficient rainfall last year and the scorching heat this summer.
The forest staff have taken all measures to see that the herd which accidentally walked into human habitations in search of water does not hurt people and damage crops.

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