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Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Mamata, Uddhav meet sets off speculations on anti-Modi pact

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mamata_uddhav2KOLKATA : West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee meeting this afternoon with Shiv Sena Chief. Uddhav Bal Keshav Thackeray in Mumbai sent message of strengthening of a wider anti-Modi and –BJP alliance.

The moment report reached Bengal, political observers here termed it as “no meeting either  inspired by protocol or courtesy, it got down according to a political agenda.’’

Incidentally, Mamata has been to Mumbai to invite big business houses to make investment in Bengal.According to political observers here this afternoon, “it’s no secret that Uddhav Bal Keshav Thackeray has bitterly opposed some of Narendra Modi’s economic prescriptions as demonetization and GST, like Banerjee did. So let us wait till either of them divulge the truth. Though it’s unlikely,’’ said a prominent political commentator.

They also cite an example how Uddhav recently slammed Modi over cabinet reshuffle, saying, “NDA lives in paper not in real terms.’’Thus meeting TMC leader could be an indication how anti-Modi and –BJP would shape up in days to come. For despite Modi and Jaitely’s forceful rhetoric on an economic and investment story, their in house veterans’ criticism like Yashwant Sinha didn’t fetch a real good message for Modi team.
Washington Consensus (all power to capitalists) lost long back with last recession of 2008 when both American President Barak Obama and former British Prime Minister James Gordon Brown condemned them for “excessive greed and profiteering.’’Your greed and profiteering destroyed Capitalism in America,’’ Obama told his country capitalists while handing them a $ 3 trillion package of rehabilitation during recession.
Now Modi who prescribes a jobless growth and profiteering, copied some welfare programmes for rural population lifting them straight from Subhas Chanrda Bose’s Presidential address of 1938, may not have time to read either Barak Obama or British Prime Minister James Gordon Brown about their assessment of free market economy. But they can still follow them,’’ said a Calcutta University Professor of Economics.
Interestingly, neither Mamata nor Uddhav  read them, but they can read the pulses of people and spreading unrest among farmers. And that’s enough for them they don’t need to be academic,’’ he added.


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