In North Bengal Mamata scripts roadmap for all out war on KLO

imagesKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee known for sharp differences with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and her major political rival CPI(M) on how to treat Maoists, has actually learnt to have drawn out an all out war on Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO).
Banerjee who treated Maoists as fall out of socio-economic problem almost agreed with (rejected by PMO later) that rise of Maoists `not as law and order problem’ and tried to advise PMO to `treat it as socio-economic problem.’
Though Banerjee deviated from her original line while setting the forces to conten Maoists, but same Mamata giving no chances to KLO born of an ethnic groups’ ambition for statehood, has learnt to have scripted an all out roadmap for war with KLO secretly spreading tantecles in North Bengal districts and operating from Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar and threatening to workout an alliance with extremists in Assam!
A senior State Police official in North Bengal told this reporter that with “modern arms and connection accros the border, the KLO is no ordinary threat like it used to be a decade back.’’
“We have to plan out a consistent application of intelligence and campaign to conten this seccessionist threat,’’ he added.
Incidentally, senior police officials who advised Mamata during her recent North Bengal tour seemed to have convinced Chief Minister.
Her repeated reminder to North Bengal people that “Bengal will always remain one state’’ was a case in point, though she never quite publically talked about Kamtapuris.
“Understandably, KLO, according to us politically is a bigger threat to the state,’’ said a senior TMC leader.
And agreed both State Congress and CPI(M) leadership, “unless they are curbed, they would pose a major threat in LS elections in all North Bengal seats.
Taking advantage of administrative complacencies, KLO extremists returned with greater damaging potential, especially during the LS polls. “And they aren’t either only law and order problem, that would explain our stand,’’ TMC leader said.

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