“Har Har Modi” slogan is objectionable : Swaroopananda

VARANASI: Strongly opposing the ‘Har Har Modi’ chants here to hail the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime swarupanandministerial candiadte Narendra Modi, Kashi Shankarachraya, a religious leader, have asked the BJP supporters not politicise the sacred mantras.
Modi is all set to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls from the Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Adi Shankarachraya including many other religious leaders have asked the party carders to immediately stop the use of slogan ‘Har Har Modi’and expressed serious resentment over what they termed ‘politicisation of the sacred mantras’.
The BJP carders have coined the slogan – ‘Har Har Modi, ghar-ghar Modi’, which is being used by them widely in the state during Modi’s campaign or in rallies. The same can even be found written on the walls, party posters and billboards. Some have even formed few songs while using the same slogan.
The slogan was first raised during the Gujarat chief minister’s public rally at Varanasi a few months back and after that the local party workers included it in their election campaign. During the recent Holi celebrations, groups of BJP workers were heard singing the slogan accompanied by music as they visited different localities in the town.
Meanwhile, local BJP leaders said they were not aware of any such resentment by Kashi (Varanasi’s old name) Shankarachraya but added that they would speak to him in this regard. “We will never think of hurting religious sentiments,” said a local leader.

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