‘Ghar Wapasi’, Converts Over 100 Christians in Gujarat

valsad_conversion_650VALSAD (Gujarat):  About 100 Christian tribals were reportedly converted to Hinduism at an event organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in south Gujarat’s Valsad on Saturday.
The VHP claimed that these tribals were Hindus who had earlier converted to Christianity and now were returning to Hinduism in a ‘ghar wapasi’ ceremony. The event was organised in Arnai village of Valsad.
VHP also denied reports that allurement was given to those who had reconverted’ they said it was “voluntary” and not by force.”Those who converted into Christian from Hindu were not given allurements of food or education. We will continue this process till all the Christians are converted into Hindus,” Valsad VHP president Ajit Solanki said.
The state government has distanced itself from the event saying if it was voluntary then the government had no role in it. “We haven’t received any information like this that the conversion is done by force. They are free to follow any religion,” Gujarat government spokesperson Nitin Patel said.
The VHP had organised a ‘Maha Yagnya’ (ritual of the sacred fire) for “purification” of the tribals before taking them back in Hindu-fold and also gave each of them a copy of Bhagwad Gita. The outfit claimed that 3000 people had gathered at the event.
A controversy had erupted earlier this month when 57 Muslim families were converted in Agra, in an event allegedly organized by the Dharm Jagran Samiti and the Bajrang Dal, another group linked to the RSS. The man at the centre of the event, Nand Kishore Valmiki, was arrested later.
A similar conversion ceremony in Aligarh planned for December 25 has been postponed, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned his MPs not to cross the “Laxman Rekha” with their controversial comments.
The issue has stalled proceedings in Rajya Sabha with the Opposition demanding a statement from the Prime Minister. In its response, the BJP has demanded bringing of anti-conversion law.

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