Delhi Police’s job to provide security for Jan Lokpal session in stadium: Arvind Kejriwal

kejri10NEW DELHI : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is adamant that the anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill must be discussed by law-makers at a city stadium starting Sunday.  “An open session is an integral part of democracy,” he said today.  He suggested that if the Delhi Police cannot provide the security required for the session, its police chief should resign.
His combative written reply was sent to Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, who asked him earlier today to reconsider the public session because of “law and order and the sanctity of assembly proceedings.”
Mr Kejriwal, in a characteristically maverick move, has invited the public to the final day of the session. In his letter today, he asked, “If the police cannot provide security in one stadium, how can it be expected to keep the entire city safe?”
Late last month, he held a two-day rally, accusing the Delhi Police of negligence and demanding that its control be transferred to the state government from the Union Home Ministry.
The Jan Lokpal Bill creates an ombudsman – Lokpal – empowered to investigate and prosecute corrupt government officers.
Where to discuss the bill is just the latest constituent of a larger controversy.  Mr Kejriwal has rejected the stand that any proposal considered by the Delhi Assembly must first be cleared by the union government. He says his Jan Lokpal Bill will not be first vetted by the union Home Ministry, as recommended by the union government’s top lawyers.That advice was offered last week to the Lieutenant Governor, irking Mr Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).
The proposal was at the heart of Mr Kejriwal’s campaign for the Delhi election. His party promised voters transparent and clean governance and receive near-instant gratification – AAP decimated the Congress, which had governed Delhi since 1998, and placed a hefty second. With support from the Congress, it formed the minority government two months ago.

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