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Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Biswa Bangla was `my dream, dreams aren’t sold,’ says Mamata

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864ced24474984d7bc7e4509a6b7f7b8KOLKATA : At long last TMC leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee `cornered over who owns Biswa Bangla’ – a controversy rolled out by her former party colleague Mukul Roy – informed angry opposition in State Assembly it was `her creation.

It was my dream. Both logo and name were my dreams and I had given it to the State Government to use them till they want in 2013.’’ It was “my dream and I am sure dreams cannot be  sold out,’’ Banerjee told agitating and unconvinced Left and Congress MLAs, without naming Mukul Roy who opened up the controversy saying her nephew actually owned with explicit hints that he’s making money out of Biswa Bangla.

Incidentally, it happens to be the first time that she took up the issue in as important a public place as state assembly but left her audience – comprising Opposition unconvinced. Apparently, political observers here feel though she didn’t name Mukul, she intervened as “she felt political pressure would mount’’ in days to come.1361918_Wallpaper2
But nobody quite knows if Banerjee’s dream story can stop either Mukul or litigations her nephew threatened to pursue. A senior TMC leader said on condition of anonymity that “if she says it was her dream and not sold out, like Mukul said, it’s strange opposition is not convinced, then let the issue get settled in court of court.’’

Cutting in, an unfazed senior leader in Left camp said: “We need more details if Chief Minister wants us to get believe in what she said. If it’s so simple – a dream story – show us the papers which empowers or authorizes the State Government to use the logo and the concept and what happens when administration refuses to use it further.’’



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