Arvind Kejriwal Warns AAP, ‘Don’t Get Arrogant

delhielectionresults_arvindkejriwal7_635591710757451756NEW DELHI : Arvind Kejriwal, whose Aam Aadmi Party has scored a historic victory in the Delhi election, today warned his party men against arrogance.
“Don’t get arrogant, the Congress and the BJP were defeated because of arrogance,” Mr Kejriwal said in his first remarks to exultant party workers at AAP’s central Delhi office.He was speaking when AAP was racing to an unprecedented 60-plus seats in the 70 member Delhi assembly.
The 46-year-old former taxman admitted to being overwhelmed by the scale of his victory.”The people of Delhi have achieved something spectacular. It is very scary, the kind of support the people of Delhi have given us,” he said.
Earlier today, when AAP looked set for a gigantic majority, Arvind Kejriwal spoke to NDTV about his agenda.”This is the people’s victory. My first priority will be to end “rishvatkhori”(bribes),” he said.
Mr Kejriwal will return as Delhi’s chief minister for the second time. A year ago, his abrupt resignation after 40 days in power left him facing considerable criticism. He issued many apologies and admitted that he had made a mistake. Today’s results mean Delhi has forgiven the man that the BJP nicknamed “Bhagoda (runaway) CM.”
“I had no nervous moments, we knew people were with us,” he said.
Despite living with a small team of security personnel in the past year, the activist turned politician insisted today that he does not want any security. ” I promise to be the janta’s Chief Minister and end corruption and VIP culture. I am an ordinary man, I want to remain an ordinary man,” he asserted.
On defeating former associate Kiran Bedi, who was his main rival in the election, Mr Kejriwal said, “I will not say anything rude about Kiran Bedi.”
Throughout the campaign in the Delhi elections, Mr Kejriwal maintained that Ms Bedi, who joined the BJP last month, was “a very nice lady in the wrong party.

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