Aamir Khan a Weird Yet Adorable ‘Namuna’ in PK Trailer

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is seen at his quirkiest best in the trailer of his upcoming movie PK.And while the posters kept everybody wondering what PK is all about, the trailer reveals he is a ‘Namuna‘.
Actress Anushka Sharma, the leading lady of PK, defines PK Aamir Khan as a ‘sample’ with eyes like ‘headlights’ and ears like ‘flying saucers’.That’s not all. PK has a lot more to his character. A paan lover with an absurd dressing sense and quirky dance moves, PK is amusing in many ways. He steals money from beggars and clothes from parked cars.
She defines him as someone weird yet adorable.amirShe talks about her quirky friend, whose name is PK even though he never sipped alcohol in his life. PK is set to release on December 19.

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