Mamata rejects Modi’s tea `cup-style,’ goes back to old Cong’s bargain-style

mamtaKOLKATA: Trinamool Congress leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who so far maintained a stoic silence over BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s overtures during his recent Brigade Ground rally here on 5th this month, broke her silence today, by sarcastic lash out at Modi, saying, “I do not believe in adda (a Bengali word, implying futile gossip) over tea.’’
“I do not believe in sitting in a tea shop discussing politics over tea that too during as serious issue as election in BJP style (though she didn’t spell out whom she meant, but hints made it apparently clear that she meant Modi).
Incidentally, Banerjee, who of late developed cold feet with reporters even senior ones she knew personally so well and her party leaders about her real political feelings, today chose Durgapur party-cardre meeting to open up her mind to her party men.
After she finished out her lashing out at Modi for its `tea-cup style,’ she exhorted her party leaders and cardres to fight against BJP, Congress and CPI(M) and reach Delhi “to restore Bengal’s lost national pride with all 42 LS seats in Bengal.’’
She added more teeth to her attack by saying that “we do not believe in sitting in a nice room, and discussing about people, but I believe in sitting on streets so that I can interact with common people to gather up more information about them.’’
But besides attacking BJP and Narendra Modi, she lashed out at Congress misrule and CPI(M) (again she gave out her reaction to Left’s gathering at Brigade Ground rally on 9th this month). She also warned her party men, that she also “keeps her watch on party workers and no lapse would be tolerated.’’
Political observers here believe that at Durgapur, away from Kolkata middle-class, she tried her best to leave a political message for more political parties who are wronged by Congress, BJP and Left at the national level.
Santanu Banerjee
But while spelling out that she would take the electoral opportunity to spread out her party in other states with a national aim, “but do not worry, I will not leave you (a hint that she wouldn’t become prime minister, in case her party wins all 42 LS seats from Bengal (but she often changed her stands in the past with changing political options,) but she preferred to remain as hard political bargainer, in old Congress-style).
However, she also left a room for speculation if she would have talks with Aam Admi Party leaders when she said that she would visit Delhi on 18th and begin her tour for Tripura and Asom on 25 th and next day respectively.
She left an open hints that she would try to spread out in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Asom, Tripura, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.
Political observers here feel that Mamata Banerjee, away from Kolkata, gave out a strong political message for political parties wronged by BJP, Congress and CPI(M) at the national level.

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